On this page people share their experiences living with a disability, and with the Disability Assistance Benefit, in BC. Some things to know:

Disability rates depend on family size, parental and marital status. A single person is eligible for $1183.42 in 2020. $375 of that is designated as a shelter/housing allowance. A year’s income at this rate is $14,201. The poverty rate for BC is approximately $20,000 for a single person and $40,000 for a family of four.

A single person can earn or receive $12,000 a year without it impacting their disability assistance.

Many people do not qualify for the Disability Assistance Benefit on their first application.

PWD: can mean “person with a disability” or “people with disabilities.” It is also used to refer to the disability benefit or “Persons with Disability” benefit.

Published by rozmaclean

B.C. based artist

2 thoughts on “Interviews

  1. I am a disability studies student at the University of Calgary and I just have to say that this is an amazing project and as disability advocates we need more artists like you who can help capture the real stories of people who are living off of disability income assistance. I am working with a non-profit organization called the Alberta Ability Network who strives to advocate for policy changes to the government. Although these stories are based in British Columbia (my home), I know many people across Canada are in similar positions due to the inadequate funding for disability income assistance. Thank you for being somebody who advocates.

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