People with disabilities have also been invited to share their stories online only, in addition to the artwork component of the project.

Please share what you would like people to know about your experience accessing or relying on the Disability Assistance Benefit. : 

This has been a real struggle. I can not afford my prescriptions for my osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and/or PTSD. My food money pays for my phone, wifi and hydro.

A year ago on a Saturday evening walking home from Superstore, I broke my fibula and fractured my ankle in 3 places and was prescribed an air cast. The air cast must be pre approved by BC Disability so, I had to wait until Monday to apply for this. Wednesday I received a call saying the cast is approved, but it takes 5 to 7 days for the supplier to receive the money. (I was now on day 4 without cast and told it would be at least another week). I asked if there was any other options. The worker suggested if I paid for the cast right away, I could go to the medical supply store and claim a refund when disability paid the store. I had received next month’s living allowance this day so, went to the supplier and bought the cast with the money for my pad rental.

On Friday the disability worker called me again saying the store received the money and she talked to the store, the bookkeeper will be in on Tuesday for me to collect my cash.

Tuesday morning my friend drove me down to collect my money. Pad rent is now due. When I went into the store the woman that fitted and sold me the cast and another woman was there. They informed me the bookkeeper is away for an unknown period of time because her brother passed away. There is no possible way for me to be refunded.

As you can see, this really messed me up.

I then applied for a crisis grant to pay my rent but was denied. Disabiliy claimed if I had not purchased the cast, I could have paid my rent.

Disability only works for their employees. Those of us that need assistance need to sell the little we have left and buy tents. According to many already homeless. Buying several different size tents to put inside each other will provide a bit of insulatuon factor needed in winter months.

Is there anything else you’d like people to know? : 

It is only going to get much worse. The government studies are only to create jobs. Once those studies are paid for, there is nothing left for improvements.

What do you dream support for people with disabilities could look like?: 

Reasonable shelter, food and medical.

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B.C. based artist

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