“Over 60” / Anonymous

Please share what you would like people to know about your experience accessing or relying on the Disability Assistance Benefit.

Rent paid on time each month. Bills paid for in full. I need a place to live, these need to be paid first. No money left for food. I rely on food bank each week. I walk to the food bank to save change if I have any to catch the city bus with some food. For the first time in years since I got the $300 extra I could buy food. I was eating eggs for a week after check day. No milk for too many years to count. Fruit is the same. And vegetables too. I was able to buy fresh. I would eat breakfast if I had it And maybe supper, of usually soup, as soup is cheap to buy.

I do not look forward to not being able to eat food. The $300 helps me buy food after years of not eating properly.

What do you dream support for people with disabilities could look like?

 It took a pandemic for them to realize there are people who have no food for years. So they can have a place to live. Please don’t take this away.

BC residents with disabilities have also been invited to share their experiences in a web only component of the project. This is one of those entries.

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