Vanessa, a young Caucasian woman with long wavy hair. Vanessa and her clothes are rendered in shades of orange, brown and warm yellow. Her head is tilted slightly to the left and her mouth is closed giving a very slight smile. She wears an unzipped coat over a hoody. Her eyes are light turquoise. The background is decorative with outlines of succulents in different shades of turquoise. ⁠⠀
Please share about yourself, your experience with the Disability Assistance Benefit, and anything else you would like people to know.

I am 22 years old and located in the Eastern Fraser Valley. I am very fond of animals. My hobbies include hiking, creating art, photography, dog sports, and more. I am very inquisitive and enthusiastic. I have ASD, ADHD, and comorbid psychiatric disorders. Although not immediately apparent, my disabilities effect nearly every aspect of my life. I have an amazing partner who takes the time to understand and support me.

The disability amount covers my basic living expenses but not much else. My medication options are limited to what is covered by PharmaCare. I’ve already used up my dental coverage and I need more work done. Therapy is probably the number one thing that can help reduce the impact my disability has on my life. Unfortunately, therapy is expensive and isn’t covered by disability assistance.

Because of the low earning exemptions, my partner can not live with me. If we were declared common law, my disability amount will be deducted dollar for dollar for any combined earnings over $14,400 per year. They are essentially expecting two adults to live on $30,000 per year in one of the most expensive provinces in the country.

Likes / Loves:

Warmer yellows, deep blue-greens, succulents, cats, Australian Cattle Dogs.

Published by rozmaclean

B.C. based artist

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