I often feel assisted suicide is a preferable alternative to the slow death by deprivation while subsisting on PWD (which is not death by natural causes). I’ve written letters, and visited the MLA to no avail, I was told “more people need to come forward for it to make any difference”.

The sicker one becomes the further one can fall through the cracks, and be misunderstood. I would like to share my experience attending post secondary education, but I’m afraid. It’s as the other person mentions, it’s like the government wants us to die off, the neglect of our sick and “disabled” populations is abuse to say the least.

Politician’s rarely if ever say the word disability, it’s as if we don’t exist as equally human. We are expected to “fix” ourselves to integrate if we are “able” enough, otherwise stay out of the way aka ableism. Even the word “disability” isn’t useful in my opinion. It was meant to set people apart in order to help them, and ended up being a word used to divide and oppress a vulnerable population.

Too many people profit off of the “disabled” through charity, and non profits without trying to change the policies or institutions that legislate poverty. People that are suicidal or depressed from being sick and or living in a state of deprivation of the culture around them don’t need another “crisis line” or food bank. We need our culture as a whole to work together to find each other’s strengths and put them together.

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