For Participants

Next steps:

Thank you for being involved! I’d like to tell you a bit about next steps. I will be interviewing people either through website form, over the phone or video chat. It might take me a little while to get in touch so thanks in advance for your patience!

Please fill out this consent form

This project will unfold over the next several months. I will be updating this website with art and shared experiences throughout the project.

I will also be working on creating the portraits. I will be working from photos of you, or if you don’t have any I can take a screen shot over video chat.


Photos work best if:

– they are clear / not blurry

– I can see your face close up

– there is enough light

Feel free to send more than one! You can email me photos at, or direct me to your Facebook or Instagram and we can pick one from there.

The Artwork:

Thank you for trusting me to create art of you! Portraits will be semi-realistic, combining my artistic style with what you look like in real life. There might be elements like colours, clothing or hair that don’t look exactly the same as they do in your photo. The self portrait of me on this site is a good example of what your portrait may look like.

I will try my best to create something that I think you will be happy with, but unfortunately I do not have the capacity to edit portraits based on feedback.

You will have a chance to share your favourite colours or other visual elements in the interview.


You will receive a $100 honourarium for your participation in this project. Payment can happen by Interac e-transfer or by mailed check.