Interview – written

If you would like to share by writing, please fill out the forms below. It might be helpful to have a separate writing document and copy and paste the answers.

Please address the theme of living on the Disability Assistance Benefit. Remember that this is a project about the disability benefit not being enough, so sharing about that will be helpful to the project.

Only first names will be made public. If it is difficult to be honest knowing this information will be made public, let me know you would like to be anonymous.

Possible topics to share about your experience living on the Disability Assistance Benefit :

– Is there enough money to meet basic needs? Have you had to choose between necessities (food, transportation, medication, etc) ?

 – Is your quality of life or independence impacted?

– Do family members or partners need to contribute financially

– other needs such as mental or medical care, mobility aids, assistive technology

Thank you!