Sharing for Website Only

Thank you for sharing your stories and experiences relying on or trying to access the disability assistance benefit. Possible prompts to include:

  • Is there enough money to meet basic needs? Have you had to choose between necessities (rent, food, transportation, medication, etc) ?
  • Is your quality of life or independence impacted?
  • Have you had trouble accessing the benefit?
  • Experience interacting with the government
  • other needs such as mental or medical care, mobility aids, assistive technology

By filling out this form, you agree that you have a disability and live in or lived in British Columbia for the period of time you are writing about. You agree that you consent to this information being shared by Roz MacLean and the Canada Council for the Arts for awareness and promotion of the project “Insufficient, Disability Assistance is Not Enough” for an indefinite period of time.

  • only first names will be used. You may choose to be anonymous.

Thank you! Responses may be edited for clarity.